DronePort Micro

An exceptional product designed to provide a reliable and efficient charging and docking solution (drone in a box) for small drones. It can be easily integrated into various environments, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. 
Size: DronePort Micro

DronePort Micro

DronePort Micro has different versions to choose from. If your application requires remote operations we offer tethered and untethered variations to meet your needs.

DronePort Micro

Basic Model

DronePort Micro T

Basic Model with Tether

DronePort Micro R

Advanced Model with Remote Operations

DronePort Micro TR

Advanced Model with Remote Operations and Tether - Parachute System

DronePort Micro

The Ultimate Vehicle Roof Top Drone Nesting Station (drone in a box). Designed to provide a seamless and efficient drone deployment solution, the DronePort Micro offers advanced features and cutting-edge technology in a compact and reliable package. With an operating temperature range of -35 to 50 degrees Celsius, it thrives in diverse environments, ensuring optimal performance in any climate.

Equipped with an integrated RTK base station, the DronePort Micro delivers exceptional precision and accuracy for your drone operations. The built-in RTK system enhances GPS positioning, enabling precise navigation and efficient data collection, whether it's for aerial inspections, mapping, or surveillance purposes.

The live view camera feature ensures the well-being of the aircraft housed within the nesting station. With a real-time view of the drone, operators can monitor vital parameters, such as battery levels, propeller condition, and overall status, ensuring the readiness and safety of the drone for every mission.

The DronePort Micro boasts an integrated power management system, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal battery charging. With efficient power distribution and monitoring capabilities, you can confidently deploy your drones while maximizing their flight time and minimizing downtime.

Remote control capabilities enable seamless drone and nesting station (drone in a box) operation from a distance. Additionally, the tether system accessory provides extended flight duration by keeping the drone connected to a power source, eliminating concerns about battery life. The vehicle can cruise at a top speed of 40 km/h while the tether is connected, allowing for greater flexibility in aerial missions.

With secure server connectivity and our Flight Operation software, the DronePort Micro offers global accessibility. Control the nesting station and drones from anywhere in the world, with real-time monitoring, mission planning, and data management. Our Flight Operation software provides a user-friendly interface for efficient mission execution and seamless integration with existing workflows.

The DronePort Micro innovative hand-off feature allows on-site pilots to transfer control of the drone and nesting station to a Remote Flight Operation Centre. This capability enhances collaboration, allowing experts to remotely take over operations when necessary, leveraging their expertise and ensuring the success of critical missions.

Experience the future of drone deployment with the DronePort Micro. Packed with advanced features, robust construction, and seamless connectivity, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of applications. Elevate your drone operations to new heights with the DronePort Micro - the ultimate rooftop drone nesting station (drone in a box).

DronePort Micro

Improve operations and remove the need for a dedicated launch site, which can save time and increase productivity, especially in remote or hard to reach areas.

Remote Operations

The advanced models offer the ability to conduct missions remotely and fully operate the DronePort Micro efficiently with team members via hand off.


Aircraft Type

Drone Agnostic


1 Year

Operating Voltage

12 Volts

Operating Amps

30 amps


5G/LTE, SATCOM, Mesh Networking