Hero Alpha

Advanced Thermal Imaging meets robust aerial technology - Introducing the Hero Alpha

Introducing the Hero Alpha Drone – your essential tool for advanced aerial surveillance and analysis. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 288 x 395 resolution thermal camera, mounted on a 2-axis gimbal, this drone excels in delivering high-definition thermal imaging. This capability is crucial for a wide range of applications, from search and rescue operations to infrastructure inspection, offering unparalleled insights into heat patterns and thermal anomalies. This drone is manufactured in Canada.

Thermal Capabilities

The Hero Alpha's thermal imaging technology is complemented by a powerful 3x optical zoom visual camera, allowing for detailed visual inspections in tandem with thermal analysis. This combination of visual and thermal cameras enables the drone to provide comprehensive solutions in various scenarios, such as wildlife monitoring, firefighting, and energy audits. Its dual RTK ensures pinpoint accuracy, crucial for precise thermal data collection, and the drone's ability to navigate near magnetic interferences allows for reliable operation in challenging environments.
Weighing only 1.7kg with the battery and a mere 1.1kg without, the Hero Alpha is not only compact but also easily foldable, making it exceptionally portable for diverse applications. The Android-based remote controller provides intuitive control, and with a remarkable range of 15km, you can explore and capture thermal and visual data with confidence and precision.
Elevate your drone experience with Hero Alpha – a fusion of advanced thermal imaging and robust aerial technology for unparalleled performance.

Hero Alpha Intelligent Flight Battery

The Hero Alpha Intelligent Flight Battery is a specialized power source designed exclusively for the Hero Alpha drone. This battery is tailored to meet the unique power requirements of the Hero Alpha, providing a seamless and optimized energy solution. Its enhanced energy density significantly extends flight times, surpassing the capabilities of standard drone batteries. This exclusivity ensures that the battery delivers the best performance and efficiency for the Hero Alpha model, making it a crucial component for pilots who use this specific drone.


Flight Time

45 minutes

Thermal Resolution

288 x 395

Flight Range

15 km


3x Optical

Weight (with battery)

1.7 kg

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