Titan X8 Intelligent Battery Heater

Titan X8 Intelligent Flight Battery Heater

Ensure optimal battery performance in cold conditions with the Titan X8 Intelligent Flight Battery Heater.

Wide Temperature Range:

Offering a broad temperature range from 5 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius, this battery heater is designed to suit a variety of environmental conditions, ensuring your battery remains at the ideal temperature for efficient operation.

Adjustable Temperature Control:

With adjustable temperature settings, you can precisely control the heat level, tailoring it to your specific needs and ensuring your battery operates at peak efficiency.

LCD Display for Easy Monitoring:

The integrated LCD display provides real-time temperature readings, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustments to maintain optimal battery temperature.

Intelligent Temperature Maintenance:

The heater maintains the set temperature and will automatically engage when it detects the battery reaching the necessary threshold. This intelligent feature ensures your battery is always ready for use, regardless of external temperatures.

Key Features:
  • Broad temperature range: 5°C - 70°C
  • User-friendly adjustable temperature settings
  • Convenient LCD display for temperature monitoring
  • Smart temperature maintenance for optimal battery performance

Maximize the performance of your Titan X8 in cold environments with this essential accessory, designed to keep your batteries warm and efficient.

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